Kathy Seal
An entrepreneur, teacher and pattern designer, Kathy found her calling at the age of nine when she started making yo-yos with her elderly next door neighbor. However, it wasn't until she was pregnant with her first child that quilting resurfaced in her life; Kathy's mother gave her quilting lessons as a gift. It's safe to say she found her calling after completing the eight-week course in just three weeks' time. Several years down the road in 1997, she opened her shop, The Quilt Patch, in Tecumseh, Michigan. While making most of the shop's 200+ samples and teaching quilters (and non-quilters!) of all skill levels, Kathy found time to start a pattern company, QP Quilts & Co. She's also lectured at Schoolhouse presentations at International Quilt Market and writes patterns for Checker Distributors' Cut Loose Press. Kathy resides in Tecumseh with her husband, Mike, and cats, Alice and Frank.
Mary Ringkvist
With The QP since the second store, Mary's been a pivotal member of the shop's staff since 2003. In charge of managing the shop, she churns out samples and takes care of many of the day-to-day tasks. Her quilting "career" began when she made her first quilt in 1994 after deciding to take a beginner's quilting class with her sister-in-law at the last minute. (Fun fact—Mary took the very first class Kathy offered at The QP!) Applique is her favorite technique and she tends to lean toward the traditional style of quilting. A color expert, her love of batiks is well-known; even customers know what Mary's favorite type of fabric is! When she's not quilting, she enjoys hiking, crocheting, biking, knitting and reading. The mother to one son and a step-daughter, Mary has five grandchildren-three girls and two boys-and lives with her husband, Gordon.
Teri Seal
Hired in the fall of 2011, Teri handles all of the social media for The QP and runs the website. Though not currently a quilter, she did make a rail fence for her parents in 2006 with the help of Kathy (her mother-in-law and The QP's owner), and she loves pulling fabric for samples. Teri's an avid Scrabble player and movie buff who enjoys curling up with a good book, and baking for her friends and family. She lives in Tecumseh with her husband, Gordie; son, Eddie; and cats, Lando and Ziva.
Linda became hooked on quilting when The QP opened its doors in 1997. In love with anything made of fiber, she meshes her other hobbies—printing, drawing, painting and dyeing—with quilting, and specializes in mixed media and art quilts. She started working at The QP in 2004 which, unsurprisingly, has only further fueled her love of fabric (especially batiks)! She and her husband have two sons, six grandkids, two grand-greyhounds, twenty-seven ducks, two cats, a dog and a goose.
Ever since making her first quilt in 1979, Dawn's been involved in the quilting industry. Hand- and machine-piecing classes led her to start working in her mother's quilt shop full-time in 1989; and eighteen years later-in 2007-Dawn was hired at The QP. She has a great eye for detail and, along with making many shop samples, builds quite a few of the in-shop displays. Dawn considers herself to be a traditional quilter and absolutely loves Moda fabrics. When she's not sewing up a storm, she spends her time gardening; playing with Mikey, the family dog; and cooking for her husband, Joel, and three sons, Nick, Zach and Gabe.
Always willing to try something new, Denise decided to try her hand at quilting in the mid-nineties. After using the fabric leftover from her first quilting project, a miniature, to make a full-sized quilt, she was officially addicted. Hired in 2000, Denise loves mixed media quilts and is especially fond of Orientals, batiks and Civil War reproductions. She enjoys bobbin lace-making, tatting, knitting, spinning and spending time with her two daughters.
Darlene started quilting nine years before her first day at The QP when, on the verge of becoming a grandmother, she decided to make a baby quilt. She joined the QP team in 2009 and has an affinity for bright fabric. Though an all-across-the-board quilter, Darlene's particularly fond of geometric-piecing and purse-making. She also loves spending time with and quilting for her husband, two daughters, two son-in-laws and six grandkids.
After reluctantly attending the first session of Kathy's beginner's class with a neighbor in 2006, Barb surprised herself by being totally hooked! She joined The QP's staff a year later, and began writing her own patterns just a few short years later. A lover of batiks, Barb favors both the traditional and art styles of quilting. When away from her sewing machine, she enjoys being with her husband and three children; hiking; golf; kayaking; biking; reading; cooking; and playing with her pets.
A traditional quilter, Debbie's been quilting since the late-eighties when she made a quilt for her brother's wedding. Hired in 2008, she's often the culprit of any practical jokes played at The QP. Fabric-wise, she loves anything and everything woodsy along with batiks. A woman of many pastimes, Debbie also likes hunting and watching horse shows. She lives with her husband, four dogs, four cats and fifty chickens.
Quilting was one of the things on Joan's wanna-learn-to-do-someday list that "actually happened"! Encouraged by her sister to take The QP's beginner's class with Kathy in 2001, she immediately knew she was in the right place after just a class or two. Joan began working at the shop in 2004 and gravitates toward floral fabric, watercolor quilts and more traditional patterns. Along with two Scotties, she loves spending time with her "wonderful husband who cooks".