45 Degree/90 Degree Triangle Ruler (Multi-Size)

45 Degree/90 Degree Triangle Ruler (Multi-Size)

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Product Description

The Multi-Size 45 Degree/90 Degree Triangle Ruler is actually TWO rulers in one! Make half-square triangles with one end and quarter-square triangle with the other. Since the markings on the ruler show the finished size of the square, GONE are the days of weird quilt math, hassling with "magic numbers" and making 1/8-inch cuts!

Learn how to use this ruler by watching our YouTube video demonstrations on how to make half-square and quarter-square triangles. Kathy shows the differences between the traditional and ruler methods while teaching a quick lesson in quilt math. 

  • Manufacturer: Creative Grids
  • Designer: Rachel Cross
  • Item #: CGRMS4590
  • Makes:
    • Half-square triangles (up to 5 inches finished)
    • Quarter-square triangles (up to 5 inches finished)
  • Features:
    • Non-slip (thanks to nifty embedded gripper dots!)
    • Easy-to-read black and white markings
    • Exclusive to independent quilt shops
    • Made in the USA

QP Note: If you'd like another great tutorial on the half-square/quarter-square triangle ruler, check out this one by Penny Haren!