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The black IDenti-pen marker is a dual-pointed marker boasting both a durable fiber fine point and an extra fine plastic tip for making crisp and precise permanent markings on most non-porous surfaces. If this marker isn't already sitting on your sewing table, we can fix that problem! This is our preferred pen for writing on quilt labels because you can choose the fat or skinny point, depending on which works best with your handwriting.

According to the manufacturer, the IDenti-pen shouldn't be used on fabric you're planning on washing. However, we've never had any fading or bleeding when using it on our quilt labels for the past seven years. To be safe, test the marker on a piece of scrap fabric before using it on your finished project. If it's not right for your current project, save it for "behind the scenes" fabric markings or jotting down pattern notes.

Fun fact—we used this pen to help make the Folded Circle Centerpiece in our YouTube tutorial of the same name!

  • Manufacturer: Sakura
  • Color: Black
  • Features:
    • Dual points—a fiber fine and extra fine plastic tips
    • Water-resistant and permanent on most surfaces
    • Built for heavy use
    • Low odor
    • Quick-drying
    • Acid-free