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If you miss the 3pm deadline, don't sweat it. All orders ship within 24 hours with the exception of (1) backordered items, (2) orders placed after 3pm on Friday afternoon and on the weekend, and (3) orders placed the day before or on the day of a holiday.
We're off on major holidays (yes, we work on National Hug-Your-Cat Day!), but your order will go out the next business day.
If you still have questions, take a peek at our shipping policies.

Unlike many other shops, our minimum cut is a 1/4-yard. - The Quilt Patch
Our minimum cut on any yardage is just 1/4-yard! In addition to being able to buy fabric in convenient 1/4-yard increments, you can also request to have your fabric "fat-quartered" or, for large fabric amounts, cut in a couple smaller chunks. Write your requests in the comment section on the checkout page.
Have a different request? Check the Shopping section of our FAQ or shoot us an email.
We ship internationally to Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom! - The Quilt Patch
We recently expanded our shipping regions to include the Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom! Read more about our shipping policies.